Exhibit A:

2001 custom built PC

I started with a plain beige case and painted it black with Plastikote black vinyl dye.  Then I took my Dremel and cut a hole for a Plexiglas window and holes for a few fans.  After that I put together a kit for a Volume Unit meter.  You've probably seen VU meters on sound boards before.  They measure the intensity of the sound coming from a sound card or speaker.  The array of 20 LEDs on the front of the case light up when sound from my sound card is pumped in.  I then went on to unsolder the activity LEDs from my network card and relocate them to the front of the case.  Then I installed switches for the fans on my case.  I put black lights inside my case to illuminate the guts of my system.  It all sounds quick and easy, but it was hard, but a ton of fun.

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Exhibit B: Toolbox computer

I used a Dremel to cut the holes in the case.  I mounted the motherboard and all drives on Plexiglas for extra durability before mounting them in the box.  I bring this portable computer with me when I go somewhere where I would need a computer.  A monitor does not come standard with this model because it is meant to be remotely administrated.  I also use this computer to make scheduled backups of my important files on my other computers onto its tape drive.

Click on a thumbnail below to view bigger pictures of my case: